Hey, I'm Adrienne - owner, grower, and designer at Sterling Stems.  Together with the help of my husband Adam (and our dog Bruce), we're currently growing on a few small patches of earth in Binghamton and Maine, NY.

After many years of searching, I was somehow lucky enough to realize my passion was for flowers...both in growing and designing. 

I've become completely enamored with all the joy and beauty that can stem from something as miniscule as a seed, and the process of watching and nurturing until it reaches its full, glorious potential. From those tiny seeds to a beautiful bouquet, the way flowers can bring a smile to someone's face, cause us to slow down and embrace the moment, and make us realize how we all share such a deep connection with nature is truly magical.

After discovering my love for all things flowers, I started this business with the idea of bringing beautiful, local flowers and garden inspired floral design to the place I call home. 

Thank you for joining us on our adventures in the world of flowers and helping us cultivate a little love for local blooms.  




My mother-in-law Annie has years of experience growing beautiful things and has graciously provided space to farm our flowers while we search for our own land.  She is beyond helpful and supportive in every way possible and we wouldn't be able to do this without her!