4 Week Spring Bouquet Share

4 Week Spring Bouquet Share


NEW! We are so excited to offer a 4 week spring flower share in 2019! Celebrating the incredible beauty of this ephemeral season, you’ll receive a bouquet of our very first blooms of the year, featuring fragrant and cheerful heirloom narcissus, gorgeous ruffley parrot, double, and fringed tulips, and early blooming foliage.

What is a flower share? Our bouquet shares are much like the popular veggie CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares that you may already be familiar with. When you purchase a share, your pre-payment allows us to plan for the upcoming season and purchase the seeds, bulbs, plants and supplies we need to produce a successful season of blooms.

How it works: Beginning in early May, you can pick up your weekly bouquet of spring blooms at your pre-designated location. Since we are at the whim of Mother Nature, exact start date will be determined 1-2 weeks ahead of time and you receive an email to let you know. We appreciate your flexibility and patience!

Pick-up options:

  • Old Barn Market - 214 State St, Binghamton (Thursdays, from 3pm - 6pm)

  • Binghamton Brewing Co. - 15 Avenue B, Johnson City (Fridays, from 5:30pm - 7pm)

Share your share! If you are unable to pick up your flowers on your designated day/time, please send a friend to pick up your share!

Care for your share: Each bouquet will come wrapped in kraft paper with a care instruction tag attached. After pick up, they’ll need a fresh cut before putting them into fresh, clean water in the vessel of your choosing. To extend the life of your flowers, change the water regularly and keep out of direct sunlight.

Our bouquet shares make a great gift for loved ones (ahem….Mother’s Day!!), OR treat for yourself (you know you deserve it!), OR cheerful addition to your office, restaurant, or business (think fresh flowers at your reception desk/lobby, your hostess station, or your open house!)

We are so thankful for all your local love and support, we would not be here without you! <3

If this is a gift, please send us an email after your purchase to request a printable gift certificate.

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